About us

Global Justice Association is a group of four lawyers, Adil, Christian, Ron and Wout. All have a passion for international justice in human rights and environmental issues.

We have met in Colombia during the Caravana de Juristas, an observation mission to help human rights lawyers and lobby for the enhancement of the human rights community in Colombia. Together we saw an opportunity to work together across countries to hold multinationals responsible for their actions in Latin America.


What we do

Global Justice Association started in 2019 as an international alliance of human rights experts with proven expertise in the field of (international) human rights, human rights & business, environmental law, and corporate governance. In 2020, Global Justice Association was formally incorporated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The offices in Bologna, Italy and Cartagena, Colombia are part of the Alliance, however, are not yet part of the formal structure of Global Justice Association in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Both the Global Justice Association alliance as the formal structure serve the protection of human and environmental rights, and to legally guide victims of violations on their way to justice, and to preserve the future of our home planet.

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Wout Albers

Attorney in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Adil J. Meléndez Marquez

Attorney in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Ron Rosenhart Rodriguez

Legal advisor in Haarlem, the Netherlands

Floor Knoote

Human Rights Researcher in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

F. Christian Di Nardo

Attorney in Bologna, Italy & on Mallorca, Spain

Register of Legal Areas

Wout Albers is registered at the Amsterdam bar and practises all over the Netherlands in court. He specializes in:
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Law and Transitional Justice
He has registration for the following principal (and secondary) legal areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register:
  • General Practice ( Administrative Law and Civil Law)
  • Civil Procedure

Adil Meléndez is registered at the bar of Cartagena in Colombia and he practises law at the court of Cartagena, Barranquilla, Monteria, Sincelejo, Valledupar, Santa Marta and Medellin. He is specialized in the following principal (and secondary) legal practice:
  • Strategic litigation in Constitutional Law & Human Rights
  • Environmental Law
  • Transitional Justice

Christian DiNardo is practising law in Bologna (Italy) and Mallorca (Spain), and Rome (Supreme Court of Italy) and is specialized in the following legal areas:
  • International Criminal Law
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Law